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Our Inspiration

MADJOY Ventures LLC (MJV) is all about helping business owners take their first step. It is not easy to begin a new thing, it takes courage and determination. But with focus on the first step and consistent movement forward, you can achieve your goal.

Our team approach is to help businesses focus on single steps and not on the final step because every step matters.

Our team helps businesses create a system that enables you to focus on a single step and not on the whole picture at once.

Remember, dreams don’t come true on their own, it takes all hands on deck and taking decisive steps together to make it happen.

Start your new journey, take that first small step, start it from today, because in reality today is all we have. Let’s do it together!


MADJOY Ventures LLC (MJV) is meeting the challenges of changing framework conditions, shifting in ever shorter cycles, with a corporate culture that is open, adaptive and geared towards innovation & integration. The MJV team is comprised of corporate professionals with more than 50+ years of experience in:

  • Management & Development

  • Financial & Project Management

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Promotions & Entertainment Management

  • Event Management

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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