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PP’s Butternut Delights, a MADJOY Ventures consumable created by Pamela Poole to help feed school age children and their families over the weekend. They are a sophisticated twist on the traditional pies and soufflés. An exquisite dessert guaranteed to make your guests rave, and you'll see it on dinner tables across the country.


The pies are surprisingly light, yet undoubtedly rich in taste, endowed with the sweetness of butternut squash. Baked into a traditional graham cracker crust with praline pecans. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This pie is supremely satisfying but never heavy. The perfect serving size to fit all: 3” single or 9” family. Our butternut soufflés are delicious and savory lightly topped with brown sugar and pralines. Our butternut squash is locally grown and supplied on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. PP’s Butternut Delights Pies and PP’s Butternut Soufflés provides 4 SKU’s for retail opportunities.


PP’s Butternut Delights is a member of FLAVORS, a culinary hub for artisans to launch, grow, and scale food and beverage brands.


To schedule a tasting, please contact us at 301-812-7959 or


PP's Butternut Mini Delight

SKU: 364215376135191
  • A portion of the proceeds benefit MAD Konnect Foundation ( – Stack A Back Pack + MORE Program. A program designed to feed elementary students over the weekend in
    underserved areas in Maryland and North Carolina.

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